ZeroSole Reliever Insole Subscription

Your feet are truly amazing things! They deal with the daily activities of life and huge amounts of pressure every day. That is why it is so important to look after them. At ZeroSole, we provide a neat, simple solution to help you take care of your feet on a regular basis, without having to continuously remember to go out and buy more and more products.

By combining a clinically proven treatment insole – the ZeroSole Reliever, a patented class 1 medical device – with a urea-based foot cream and foot files, ZeroSole has brought the gold standard of care to your door in one simple plan to help treat and prevent painful foot lesions. In adopting a regular treatment plan, you can improve the health and wellbeing of your feet, whilst also helping to prevent further foot health complications down the road.

ZeroSole Reliever Product and Packaging

What do you get?

When you sign up you will receieve:

– One pair of ZeroSole Reliever insoles (1 for every 6-months)

– One 50ml tube of our 10% urea-based cream (1/month)

– x2 sand file pads for hand held foot file (1 pair/month)
For an additional cost, you can request extra supplies of any product within the plan to suit your needs.

Clinical benefits of the Reliever plan

Direct pressure offloading and pressure redistribution to tackle the causes of foot lesions as well as heavily reducing pain.

Deep skin hydration, using a clinically proven urea agent, to keep the skin soft and supple.

Safe and effective dry skin exfoliation using our foot files to reduce overall lesion size and pain.

Why opt for the treatment plan?

Receive all the clinically proven medical interventions to tackle the cause of the problem.

Customise your plan to suit your specific needs.

Collects the full clinical treatment package in one neat, simple box delivered to your door.

Benefit from a 25% discount on all products used for this plan.

Designed & developed by podiatrists

Designed and developed by podiatrists – experts in foot health – ZeroSole has developed a unique treatment plan to tackle painful lesions of the foot. These plans are designed to help you treat and prevent painful corns and calluses, blisters, bony spurs, and many other foot health conditions.

The subscription cycle

Month 1

x1 Pair of insoles
x1 Cream
x1 Hand Held Foot File

Month 2

x1 Foot File
x1 Foot File Replacement Pads

Month 3

x1 Cream
x1 Foot File

Month 4

x1 Cream
x1 Foot File

Month 5

x1 Cream
x1 Foot File

Month 6

When you get to month 6 you will revert back to your month 1 package and a fresh pair of insoles along with the rest of the package.


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The ZeroSole Reliever Subscription

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