What is the difference between a corn and a verruca?


What is a corn? A corn is a hard, yellow bump that’s usually found on the sole of your foot. They’re caused by friction or pressure, and so you might be more susceptible to corns if:  Your shoes don’t fit properly or offer little cushioning You wear high heels frequently You undertake high-impact sports, like […]

What can insoles help with?

Running Knee Pain

Can insoles help Achilles tendonitis? Insoles can help Achilles tendonitis and may reduce the pain associated with the condition. It is usually the result of a sports injury or overuse, and symptoms can include pain at the back of your heel when walking or running, pain when touched and swelling or redness on your heel.  […]

How to prevent corns from returning

Corn Prevention

How to prevent corns You’ll be glad to know that the key to preventing the return of corns and calluses is having a good foot care routine – which can also help to protect your feet against other foot health conditions. Remember, if you have diabetes, circulation problems or heart disease, it’s best to speak […]

Blister treatment: How to get rid of a blister


 How to treat a blister Below, you can find some of the best ways to treat a blister on your foot and stop it from coming back.  Use an insole Many people think insoles are for arch support or additional cushioning, but they can actually be used for relieving blister pain and preventing blisters from […]

Do corn plasters work?

Corn Plasters

How do corn plasters work? Corn plasters are made with salicylic acid, which gets to work quickly once applied. The acid is designed to burn away any hard skin that is around the corn or causing the corn. By reducing the hardness of the skin, the corn can be softened and worn away. Some brands […]

What is a fallen arch on your foot?

Foot with a fallen arch

What are the arches of the foot? When people talk about fallen arches or high arches, they’re typically referring to one particular arch of the three that are found in the human foot. This arch is known as the medial longitudinal arch, and it’s located in the inner curve of your foot. The word longitudinal […]

How to get rid of corns

Using foot file on dry skin

How to get rid of corns on feet Prevention is the best kind of cure, and it can be helpful to understand the causes of corns in order to try to avoid developing one yourself. But if you already have a corn, you’ll need strategies to reduce the discomfort of the symptoms and get rid […]

Can you wash insoles?

Insoles drying on washing line

Should you take insoles out of shoes when washing them? Before we get down to the method you should use when washing insoles, it’s helpful to know whether you should wash them separately from the shoes you wear them with, or together. The answer is that you should wash shoes and insoles separately. This is […]

How many bones are in your foot?

Doctor looking at skeleton of a foot

How many bones are in the human foot? If you’ve studied any anatomy before, you might be aware that the adult human body is made up of just over 200 bones in total – and these make up the familiar skeleton we recognise in doctors’ offices. That might sound like an awful lot of bones, […]

What causes corns on your feet?

Sole of foot with a large corn

What causes corns? Corns and calluses are caused by pressure on the affected area of your feet which causes the skin to harden to protect the softer skin underneath. The size, shape and level of pain associated with your callus or corn can vary depending on where it is and how much pressure the area is […]

What insoles do I need?

Different types of insole

What are insoles for? Choosing the right insoles for your feet can have an important impact. Pick the right insoles, and your foot problem could be resolved. Opt for the wrong type, however, and the insoles might not help at all – in fact, your problem might get worse. It’s vital to understand which insoles […]

What is a corn?

Person with gloves examining a corn on the foot

What is a corn on your foot? Corns and calluses are areas of hardened skin that typically form as a result of increased pressure on that particular area. People who do a lot of hard manual labour, such as construction workers, often get calluses on their hands, as do those who play string instruments. It […]

What are the different parts of the foot?

A womans hands and feet

What are the different parts of the foot called? If you’ve never thought about it before, it’s not always obvious that knowing the different terms for parts of your foot is useful. After all, when you visit a doctor in person, it’s easy enough to simply point to the affected area and let visual cues […]

What are insoles?

Different coloured insoles

What is an insole? To take things right back to basics, the word ‘insole’ refers to the inner sole of your footwear – a.k.a. the part that lies directly underneath your foot when you wear a shoe. Some shoes have fixed insoles – also known as foot beds – that can’t be moved, while others […]


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